Why choose solid surface ?

2021-05-11 08:41:16    TELL WORLD Solid Surface Co.,Ltd    0

Solid surface brings ease and options to your professional environment. 

Solid surface is easy to assemble, install and maintain. With less down time to get your company organized, you will be able to focus on the important tasks on hand. Its resilience and flexibility make it the authority of shaped furniture material with many color and texture options to choose from solids surface will bring a sharp and clean new look to your workspace.


Solid surface provdess a fun, modern alternative for your entertainment enviroment.

Solid surface material has better sound absorption and acoustics, to make sure your venue sounds its best. Even with its gloss finish, solid surface maintains control over reflection and glare, to keep light levels even with the mood. Solid surface is renewable, normal wear can quickly be eliminated making your piece look brand new again. With  low flamm ability, and slip resistance, solid surface reduces risk and increases safety.


Solid surface brings creativity, comfort, and safety to your home.

With seamless design-ability and color options you can express the personality of your house hold in a new way. its non-porous characteristic makes it easy to clean, and stain resistant. Allowing you more time to spend with your family, and less time cleaning up. Solid surface is bacterial resistant and non-allerganic, providing a clean environment  fo your kids and elders.



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